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  • Roxy Tank Top

    Roxy Tank Top


  • Roxy Ladies Tights

    Roxy Ladies Tights


  • Roxy Baseball Cap

    Roxy Baseball Cap


  • Nike Ladies Shoes

    Nike Ladies Shoes


  • Ladies Sport Bag

    Ladies Sport Bag


  • Best way to start
    The World's Simplest Learn to Run Program
    All you need is 30 minutes, three times each week.
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    Up for a challenge?
    Are you thinking about running your first Marathon?
    We can help you!
    Here are a few great tips how to Train for a Marathon
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    Too big, too small, too hot, too cold?
    Have you ever felt like you are wearing the wrong clothes for a certain exercise?
    Fear no more
    Here are 6 Things to Look for
    When Buying Exercise Apparel
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    Don't miss out on the fun
    All the upcoming running events you need to know about
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    Weekly inspiration

    Are you in need of a bit of inspiration?
    Then don't be shy and watch this video.